Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Midorigaoka Senior High School

Kanagawa Prefectural
Yokohama Midorigaoka Senior High School

Club Activity


Both sports clubs and cultural clubs are very popular. (Students are allowed to belong to more than one club. It's not mandatory for them to belong to clubs.) There are 17 sports clubs and 18 cultural clubs.

As of May, 2014, over 90% of the whole students and about 99% of the first year students take part in club activities.

【rugby】 【handball】 【orchestra】 【track and field】

Sports Clubs

Archery, Badominton, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Dance,

Handball, Kendo, Mountain Climbing, Rugby, Soccer, Soft tennis

Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Track and field

Cultural Clubs

Art, Art & Literature, Calligraphy, Classical guitar, Cooking, Drama

English club, Flower arrangement, Folk song, Go & Shogi(Japanese chess)

Light music, Manga & Anime, Earth science, Mathematics & Physics

Orchestra, Railway research, Tea ceremony, Wind orchestra

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