Kanagawa Prefectural Yokohama Midorigaoka Senior High School

Kanagawa Prefectural
Yokohama Midorigaoka Senior High School

School Calender


Student Council events include Ryokkosai, an athletic meet and other events.

Ryokkosai is our school festival. During this event, various performances, such as concerts and plays, and exhibitions can be seen in the courtyard, the gym and classrooms.

The athletic meet is very exciting. You can enjoy cheerleaders' performance at this event, as well.

The ball game meets are held twice a year. Students compete against the other classes.

All the events are managed by the students themselves.

Cultual festival ball games physical education festival ball games

Event List

The first term THe latter term
  • April
    • Opening ceremony
    • Entrance ceremony
    • Health check-up
  • May
    • Health check-up
    • Outside the school training
    • School foundation day
  • June
    • 1st Mid-term Exams
    • Art appreciation I
  • July
    • Ryokkosai(Cultural festival)
    • Interview with parents
    • Summer holidays
  • August
    • Summer holidays
    • Supplementary lessons in summer
  • September
    • 1st Term-end Exams
    • Student Body election
    • Ball game meet
  • October
    • School guidance for applicants
    • Art appreciation II
    • Athletic meet
  • November
    • Interview with parents
  • December
    • 2nd Mid-term Exams
    • School excursion for 2nd grade(Okinawa)
  • January
    • Term exams for the latter term for the 3rd grade
  • February
    • Entrance examination
  • March
    • Graduation ceremony
    • 2nd Term-end Exams for freshmen & sophomores
    • Ball game meet
    • Closing ceremony

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